Healing From Abuse Is a Painful Process

Written by Trudy Den Hoed


After writing the post that celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, such joy and peace flooded the depths of my soul. It was confirmed to my heart that Jesus is truly alive yet today, He is always with us, and He will get us through anything. I felt that with my God I could level mountains.


Then one night I woke up with such vivid memories of my abuser. The scene was so real. Frightening emotions overwhelmed me. I cried, “Why, Lord? What is triggering this now?”


Then I realized it was probably because I was thinking of going to church again. I had felt so bolstered up by the truth of Jesus’ resurrection, I figured it would be a breeze. It had been almost a year ago since I last tried, only to end up staying home at the last minute. And now the more I thought about trying it again, the more fear and anxiety grew in me.


The next day I was telling my husband about it, and he said as he has before, “That man has ruined your life.”


And as before, I quickly replied, “No, he hasn’t. Jesus is with me and has helped me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Him.”


I’ve been pondering this, and I wonder – Even though it’s been over 40 years since…Read More at “Freed to Fly”


Trudy ministers to hurting souls through her blog, “Freed to Fly,” writing about Jesus’ powerful love and grace. You will find a variety of resources on her site, as well as messages of hope, healing and freedom in Christ.



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    1. Trudy, we are very happy to have you share your writing with us! Thank you! We hope you will stick around. Continued prayers for you and your ministry. Blessings!

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