Inhale, Exhale – By Lake Averie

Inhale, Exhale By Lake Averie Fight or flight? She can’t decide. Hiding out, trying to ride it out until the pain subsides Praying they don’t find out the fears her body has shouted. But He knows and where is He? As close as the air I breathe. © 2015 Lake Ave In the fall of […]

Anxiety (by Angie Dailey)

  Written by Angie Dailey For some, anxiety is a way of life. I see it every day in the decisions we make, in the way we live. It is a delicate balance of emotion, heartache and for me, faith. I have great anxiety over what people think of me, and I tend to take […]

Overcoming in the Midst of Anxiety

  Written by Liz Jones   Dear Anxiety, I believe that you came into my life the day I was born. There were many down the generational line who battled you. Some battled you through denial and control, some through isolation and avoiding people, and some through alcohol abuse… I  remember as a 3rd grader, a […]

Hope is Our Anchor Against Anxiety

    Written by Dr. Michelle Bengtson As a young child, I can’t remember life before a spirit of fear and anxiety slithered in and took up residence. I was “a good girl” and always aimed to please…so much so that to some degree I lost myself because I looked to adopt the ideas and […]

God Calm My Anxious Heart (by Beth Walker)

  Written by Beth Walker Anxious according to Webster includes synonyms nervous, worried and uptight.  Antonyms include calm and relaxed.  The interesting thing about being anxious is that it is possible to be worried about something, at the same time outwardly having a calm demeanor.  Many days, that is the very scenario I found myself […]