Paula three year old pic

A Letter to My Three-Year-Old Self

  Dear Three-Year-Old Paula,   I’m so sorry that I never realized how broken and scarred you’ve been all this time. I guess I had shut you down so that I could survive moving forward. You didn’t know how to deal with those you trusted betraying you at such a core identity level. You had […]

bible He loved us

This Season of Good News

  I think sometimes we take for granted – or perhaps we forget – what this season really is all about.   The Good News. The Gospel.   In this season we acknowledge Jesus’s death, and we celebrate His resurrection from the dead.   But, what does this [Easter] season means for us?   Everyone […]

Hope Anchor Dr M B FI

Hope is Our Anchor Against Anxiety

    Written by Dr. Michelle Bengtson As a young child, I can’t remember life before a spirit of fear and anxiety slithered in and took up residence. I was “a good girl” and always aimed to please…so much so that to some degree I lost myself because I looked to adopt the ideas and […]


Fear of Blooming

Today, as part of the series, Beth has shared her story and thoughts about depression.     “Crazy Chicken Lady. Depression Warrior. Chronic Introvert. Beth Biggers is the lone island of estrogen in her family of four. She married her best friend at the tender age of nineteen. She is the chief entertainment, homeschool teacher, […]


Not a Death Sentence

    In continuation of the Series on Depression, today Sanjay shares with us how he supported his mother-in-law as she battled her depression.     A few years ago my mother-in-law (Margaret) was battling with depression having contemplated a few horrific events in her life growing up, her present life at the time and […]