what if they knew

What if they knew?

What if they knew who I really was? What if I knew who they really were?   Where do I fit? I am so unqualified, and I am insecure.   I stumble too often over my words, and fail in my actions. As I have listened to the conversations and comments of others, though they […]


Meet Our Contributors, Self-Esteem & Food-Related Issues Blog Series

Series hosted by Lisa at https://CommunityMoms.wordpress.com and Vision61 Ministries On Mondays Starting June 1, 2015 Meet Our Guest Writers Brooke Lynn – blogs at https://BrookeLynnBooks.com (“Brooke Lynn – Living Free”) Called to write passionately, leading others closer to Jesus Christ. Helping you break through insecurity and doubt, encouraging you to live a life of freedom and healing. She is […]